Interview me, random traveller

A wandering group of bloggers from There’s a Blog in My Soup (one of those blogs that talks about how much better your blog could be if you created more links and twittered more and generally just became more like Rich Scoble and his camera avatar) is going from state to state, interviewing 50 bloggers in 50 days.

If you want to be one of the bloggers interviewed (and hell, I’m always looking for a way to talk about myself more [insert obligatory Ekonoline interview here]) you have to link back to the American Blogger Directory and, in turn, submit your link.

Which is what I’m doing. And if you’re interested, you should as well. But not in the South Dakota folder – that’s mine.

Sure, they’re just linkbaiting the world. But hey – I’ll bite. Chances are, I’ll just get thrown back for being under the limit anyway.

This was lovingly handwritten on April 23rd, 2008