Just 37 days…

I’ve officially changed my designation from Independent to Democrat. I’ve signed up for the newsletters and scoped out the headquarters. I’ve started reaching out to non-converts.

Obama!I’ve wondered aloud many times why someone would vote for anyone else. Why someone would choose the politics as usual approach of those other two viable candidates. How someone could listen to his speeches, dissect his stands and compare them with their own values and not be swayed.

We’re not looking at another puppet. This, my friends, is the closest to hope – and the closest to a real voice – that politics has seen since Paul Wellstone.

The signs are up. We’re ready to roll.

Just 37 days until the South Dakota primary.


Update: Apparently, this post included disparaging comments about Hillary and her supporters. Or something like that.

I guess this means I’m being read!

This was lovingly handwritten on April 27th, 2008