Macro classics

Being on hand for an iconic photograph is part luck, part timing. It takes knowledge of possibilities – even if you’re setting the shot up yourself and not taking a live candid photo, you have to take every hidden flaw into account.

Lunch on Skyscraper - in LegoThat being said, recreating these iconic photographs in an artistic way can be just as difficult.

Especially when your tools consist of the widely varied yet limiting Lego library.

Mike Stimpson, who goes by Balakov on Flickr, creates Lego reconstructions of famous images using nothing but Legos and a keen knowledge of macro photography and lighting.

And the results are pretty sweet. Check out the Moon landing. Or the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima. Or the unknown rebel at Tiananmen Square.

He has 13 images in his Classics in Lego set so far, with new ones posted all the time.

You can even buy prints at

It just goes to show you – some people have all the great ideas.

(Via: Animal New York)

This was lovingly handwritten on May 12th, 2008