Fresh baked

Just a quick gush: Queen City Bakery in downtown Sioux Falls has some of the best baked goods you can imagine. Using fresh fruit and veggies from Warner’s (where we get our CSA) and a healthy dollop of butter, they’re heavenly. Seriously.

Queen City BakeryAnd as if that wasn’t enough, they’re in this great little loft-style bakery next to Latitude 44 – a classy, rustic looking downtown building filled with great food. It’s like a little bit of big city bakery mistakingly dropped into the middle of Sioux Falls.

The best part? They’re doing well. There was a sizable line the last time we went. Which is refreshing. If you’re in the Sioux Falls area, you owe it to yourself to visit. And tell Mitch hello.

Of course, our pear muffins and lemon-citrus scones and asparagus quiche from Queen City weren’t the only baked goods we ingested. On a day where we wondered how we could use our super-healthy CSA share, we spent more time devouring delicious pastries and donuts.

Donuts? Not from Queen City – from across the state: Wall, SD. Specifically, Wall Drug. They’re about as tasty as you can get. I suggest the maple frosted donuts.

(And yes, the Wall Drug donut mention is really an excuse to post some pictures I took with our new Canon. I love food porn.)

Donuts from Wall Drug

This was lovingly handwritten on June 14th, 2008