The CSA: Week 3

What we’ve learned over the past week is simple. You can have all of the fresh vegetables in the world at your fingertips but they aren’t worth a lick if you don’t have anything planned.

That was our problem this week. Our Week 2 share went largely untouched – unspoiled, yet uneaten. The dilemma was two-pronged; I was sick for half the week, and we never made a plan.

Ah, a plan.

When I was in college, I had no plan. I made whatever met my whimsy: macaroni and cheese, frozen pizza, ramen noodles – these are things that take little forethought. I didn’t need to rush around wondering if I had used all of the rest of the rice wine vinegar – on the contrary, I needed water.

Water. That we had.

Now, with a family leaning toward healthy eating and a 10-month old more interested in, well, anything that doesn’t involve Mommy or Daddy spending time in the kitchen, meal planning has become a true art.

Case in point: we have a bunch of green onions. We can a) put them on salad, b) involve them in a recipe or c) let them rot. The salad was easy. Rotting wasn’t an option. And because we hadn’t made a plan or visited the grocery store, a recipe was impossible.

So here we are, nearly all of last week’s CSA share intact. Add in this week’s assortment, and it’s as if we have a double share of our CSA. This week we received the same veggies as last week, though in much fresher and bountiful quantities. The lettuce is looking great, and the kohlrabi finally seems to be ready to pick. That’s good for quality. But that’s bad for the increasing pile of veggies in the fridge.

For this week, we’re looking at:
Green onions

Thankfully, we have stocked the fridge with something other than Fat Tire and pickle relish.

Which means we’re ready to cook. Again. For real.

Seriously. Our fridge can’t hold anymore green onions as it is.

This was lovingly handwritten on June 14th, 2008