The CSA: Week 8

One bag for two families. That’s what we’ve been working with for the past seven weeks. One bag, one share, one group of vegetables. We split them, we consume them, and we come back for more.

CSA: WEek 8

We figured that’s all it would ever be. We were getting our money’s worth, so why expect more?

Oh man.

A combination of the beginning of a heavy harvest season and a practical rain-forest-like rain level over the past few weeks has turned the Farmer’s Market into something resembling a produce aisle at the largest Walmart on Earth. Except, you know, with good produce. And a variety. All of it organic.

It left us with not one, but two bags. Two. And not just beets and kohlrabi, either. Good stuff. Stuff I actually already eat. (Though, to be fair, we ate a lot last week, with numerous pasta dishes and a sweet oriental salad made from our half-head of cabbage.)

Two bags. For two families. And we should expect this from now on.

Best of all, we were supplied with surprises. Potatoes (finally!) and broccoli! Green beans! More cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots! I’ve never loved vegetables so much, never experienced such a colorful display, never been so excited to make salads and stir-fry and whatever else you do when you eat healthy!

Our haul included:
Cherry tomatoes
Yellow sweet peppers
Green beans

All of it for about $20, or the average cost per week of our CSA.

$20 bucks. Two bags. Two families. One hell of a healthy haul.

This was lovingly handwritten on July 19th, 2008