Steinbeck on Steroids

I’m back on the workout wagon again, frantically trying to curb the oncoming weight of turning 30 in October.

I’ve tried and failed at some kind of workout/diet regiment about, oh, I don’t know, six or seven times in the past two years. Unfortunately, I don’t really know what to do – I have a weak disposition, and when the bagels and donuts show up at work, I certainly have my share.

I realize that one of the few things that will motivate me to work out regularily is my iPod – Steinbeck, as you might recall – and that the idea of music fueling my desire to lose weight can be a strong motivation.

Today’s workout was the tip of the iceberg. And all I could think about was that I had a great playlist, randomized on the Indie Rock genre.

“Grounds for Divorce” – Wolf Parade
“Live at Dominoes” – The Avalanches
“The Farewell Party” – Cursive
“Modesto” – Beck
“Busy with Other Things” – Office
“Poor Places” – Wilco
“The Crystal Lake” – Grandaddy
“300 MHz” – At the Drive-In
“Going On” – Gnarls Barkley

This should be a regular feature. So you can see what’s driving me to work out. And so you can see what I’m currently rocking.

This was lovingly handwritten on July 29th, 2008