Steinbeck on Steroids – 10.06.08

Every week during the NFL football season, Drew Magary of Deadspin presents his Jamberoo, an article chock full of hilarious obscenity and 4th grade fart jokes.

My favorite feature of this weekly column is the “Pregame Song That Makes Me Want To Run Through A Goddamn Brick Wall,” where he naturally pulls from his extensive collection of rock to give us a little insight as to what music you might want to listen to in the event you needed to, well, hype yourself up. For a game, you know.

Or, in my case, for a bi-weekly session at the gym.

I’ve fallen off of my routine, sure. This is harder than it looks. But I know one thing – if there was ever a band that made me want to run through a goddamn brick wall, it would be Hot Water Music. Thankfully, I chose the “Punk” genre on Steinbeck the iPod – a genre that’s actually pretty thin outside of several Hot Water Music and Alkaline Trio albums – and was able to get myself into the workout mode.

Today’s list:
“Olympia, WA” – Rancid
“Nameless (live)” – Avail
“Wild in the Streets” – Hot Water Music
“Oyster” – Jawbreaker

Wait. A quick aside. I know Jawbreaker could be considered punk. But this album? It belongs in indie, or even the dreaded emo. This is not Jawbreaker’s punk album. I love the stuff, but I about fell asleep on the treadmill.

“We Laugh At Danger and Break All the Rules” – Against Me!
“Alachua (live)” – Hot Water Music
“This is Getting Over You” – Alkaline Trio
“Not For Anyone” – Hot Water Music
“8 Full Hours of Sleep – Against Me!
“(Ben)” – Avail

(Not even a real song. Doesn’t count.)

“Alive or Dead” – The Draft

End of workout. See you Wednesday. That is, if I can manage to get to the fitness center within another two weeks.

This was lovingly handwritten on October 6th, 2008