I’ve written and deleted and re-written, trying to find the right angle – something that isn’t cliche, something that hasn’t been written already in the past several hours at a much higher level, with more inspiration and feeling.

Hope.I’ve tried to tie this election to the leveling spirit of Paul Wellstone, to compare it to the future we might have had, to connect with the world we are creating for Sierra as she grows.

But it all comes down to one thing. One word. One emotion, one feeling, one promise.


I give thanks for the nation that helped elect the first black President. I give thanks for those who trusted a new generation of leaders, a new direction – an agent of change.

But most of all, I give thanks for all that has happened over the past two years – instilling in all of us the idea that, no matter who we are or where we live, hope will never be simply a four-letter word.

Because we see it now. HOPE is for real.

This was lovingly handwritten on November 5th, 2008