The new year, five days later

The new year began with little fanfare. We toasted. We kissed. We went to bed.

We relaxed. We refused to make resolutions. We watched Sierra wander around a large cabin, discovering and learning and hitting on boys. Or hitting boys. One of those.

We enjoyed each other’s company; a vacation company that resulted in a few new acquaintances and a few scattered memories.

Time moved on. And we let it.

I could have resolved a lot of things. To eat better. To stick to my convictions. To give myself more credit, and to understand when things are going well.

But instead, I’ve realized something even more important. That it’s hard, but at times, you just have to let things go.

You have to let the blog run dormant for a few days. You have to leave the pictures on the camera, the dishes in the sink, the conversation on idle, knowing that in most cases, you’ll alert the right people and your audience – whether it’s friends or the public or simply your own thoughts – will return, never even blinking at the gaps.

Because time always moves forward. It’s not an amazing thought – in fact, it’s kind of trite. But it’s true.

Time moves on. It doesn’t give a shit about you. So when you realize that a new year is just a new year – just something else to celebrate, a reason to create memories and to change your habits – you appreciate the fact that, indeed, it IS a new year. Not that much different from the last. But new all the same.

Not a starting point, but a continuation. Not a period in time, but a bridge from one moment to the next.

This was lovingly handwritten on January 5th, 2009