I’m fixing a hole

For months, our computer has slowed to a crawl whenever we open up Adobe Lightroom.

It makes photo post processing a chore; frustratingly so, as I actually quite enjoy taking photos and turning them into something more artistic – something outside the realm of inexpensive hobby photography.

It’s not just that program, though. It’s everything. It’s Photoshop. It’s whenever I open up two programs at once. It’s maddening, and it’s driven me to curse numerous times. At a machine. Which, by the way, can’t actually hear me and, also, has no feelings.

My solution: buy a new computer.

Through a blind devotion to the idea of finally getting a Mac and through the slightest hint at acceptance from the other decision-maker in the house (Kerrie, who, at the time, worked on a Mac and desperately wanted to bring one home as well) I began making plans.

A new computer. That would be the fix.

We simply can’t do what we do on this computer, I thought. We have outgrown it, despite the fact that it is still quite modern, purchased five years ago specifically so it would last longer, perfectly equipped to do everything we need to use a computer for.

How many times does this happen in life?

This car isn’t up to date anymore. I need a new one. That idea is stupid. Scrap it. This sweater has a hole in it. Throw it away. This person has done me wrong. Forget about them.

There’s always something better on the horizon – whether it’s something new, or something different, or simply nothing at all, just the peace of knowing a hard patch has passed without reconciliation. It’s so much easier to move on, so much harder to simply fix the problem.

Today, I ordered 2GB of RAM for our computer. It will come this week, and our computer will be fast enough to run Lightroom. And Photoshop. At the same time, even. Instead of assuming we needed something new, I finally got around to doing a little research. Working on the problem. And I found out it was a lot easier than I had ever expected.

All I needed to do was stop wanting and wasting. All I needed to do was dig a little deeper.

This was lovingly handwritten on January 7th, 2009