The thing about blog memes is that, while they are annoying – akin to the e-mail jokes I get from my aunt titled HILARIOUS SIGNS YOU WILL SERIOUSLY CRACK UP OVER THESE!!!!! which, no doubt, are 80% photoshopped and, naturally, 5% funny – they are also a slight ego stroke.

After all, someone thought highly enough about your blog to consider you one of their seven choices. Right?

Of course, the need to complete a meme depends on a complex equation of events. Do you have time? Do you have anything interesting to say? Do you have seven friends to tag?

If you’ve answered “No” to any of these questions, you’re typically ready to complete a meme.

It’s been a long time coming, I suppose. And now, after being tagged twice in two months by Make the Logo Bigger and Where’s My Jetpack, I guess I’d better get my ass in gear and MEME THE SHIT OUT OF THIS POST. Yup. It’s a “Seven Things About Me” post. Lucky you.

There’s one problem.

I write a personal blog. Which means, by nature, there’s little information I haven’t spilled to the adoring public (much to the chagrin of my beautiful wife, Kerrie). And, to make matters worse, I’ve already done this in a pretentious and ego-boosting way three and a half years ago. 100 Things about Corey.

Oh, who cares. Here it is. Seven Things About ME:

1. My favorite bands have been, in this order: The Monkeys, Metallica, Bad Religion, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Get Up Kids, Modest Mouse.

2. I only use Sharpie Ultra Fine Point markers when writing for work. At home, I use whatever is available, but then only use a Moleskin notebook.

3. I purchase 80% of my clothing at Banana Republic during crazy days sales. Because I like the BR style, but I’m cheap. Really cheap.

4. I have never golfed. Ever. (But I loved Sid Meyer’s SimGolf.)

5. The most famous person I’ve ever met was David Sedaris. He shook my hand, smiled, signed my book, and told me that I had great skin.

6. I never wore Girbaud. (Through no fault of my own.) P.S. – They’re apparently still around. Weird.

7. I’ve been in two gruesome bicycle accidents. Once, when I was in grade school, a bicycle actually RAN OVER MY FACE. I don’t remember how it happened – only that the bike came over the top of the hill at a very fast speed and barreled into me. I fell down under the bike, etc. (The other time I flew over the front of my handlebars at the bottom of a hill because my wheel had come off. I had lots of stitches, ruined a t-shirt and still can’t grow hair in a certain place on my chin.)

And now, I lovingly wrap this meme and send it via UPS to the following:

Todd Epp could stand to take a break from this whole Daschle mess at SD Watch.
• I’ll throw a meme shot in the dark out to Abi at Heat Eat Review. Maybe she’ll put it on her tumblr or something.
Condalmo deserves to be tagged, if only because it shows a little lit-blog credibility on my part.
• I probably owe Dawnne Gee a million link-backs from past posts on The Otherwhirled.
• Why not hit up a fellow Sioux Falls copywriter: Katie at OverCaffeinatedKatie.
• It’s not about green marketing, but maybe Veerman at It Grows On Trees wants a shot.
Tony at Other Men’s Flowers won’t get this until tomorrow because he’s across the pond, six or seven hours away.

And finally, for an eighth, let’s try to drag Jeff at Syntax of Things back into the blogosphere. Because we miss him, terribly.

That’s it. Follow the rules, not my example. Do as I say, not as I do, amirite?


• Link to your original tagger(s) and list these rules in your post.
• Share seven facts about yourself in the post.
• Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
• Let them know they’ve been tagged.

This was lovingly handwritten on February 4th, 2009