Here comes the sun

A week or so ago, after an extended period of grey skies, the sun appeared through the clouds – an event that prompted Kerrie to sing a line or two of The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun.”

Sierra picked up on this instantly.

“Here come the sun?” she asked later. “Here come the sun?” So we pulled the song up on the iPod and introduced her to the original.

She was thrilled.

Enough that it has quickly become her favorite song. As in, the only song she’ll listen to. As in, the only song she’ll even consider, and only on repeat, and only 15 times in a row.

When she sees the sun. Any sun – in real life or in a book: “Here come the sun?”

When she sees our iPods: “Here come the sun?”

When she sees the computer, where she knows the song has been played: “Here come the sun?”

It’s all quite adorable. But it’s also quite tiring. After all, how many times can a person hear “Here Comes the Sun” without wishing that the sun would just go away, already, we’re doing fine without your light and warmth, thank you very much.

At least we know that, like her dad, she’s totally into the George Harrison songs.

This was lovingly handwritten on July 25th, 2009