A quick metaphor for life

When it comes to adding fuel to a fire pit, there are two types of wood: lumber and logs.

Lumber stacks perfectly, is smoothed to perfection, trained and used to build something larger than itself. Its purpose is defined from the minute it is harvested, grown freely but ultimately chosen for sacrifice to the greater good.

Logs are rough, unkempt and ragged. Left without the same purpose as lumber, they’re allowed to grow larger, more gnarled. Sometimes they live their life as shade. As decoration. Or, in the wild, they simply form a small part of a larger forest.

As it performs its job, lumber is dead. Meanwhile, the trees that produce logs live up until the day nature strikes them down.

And despite their differences, in the end, when thrown to the fire, they burn the exact same way.

This was lovingly handwritten on September 8th, 2009