On the language change of twitter (at a point when I shouldn’t be thinking about language change)

At some recent point, I realized that we’re no longer fleshing out our incomplete thoughts.

We’re leaving the ends untied. Fragments stay fragmented, banished to a the collected scraps that make up most of Twitter and Facebook, enveloped into the quickly disregarded ether of our life feed.

Which makes me wonder if the distilling of these random thoughts has improved the quality of our overall message (by filtering out the nonsense) or if the overall message is now too sanitized. Does randomness belong in our communication, and does this fragment cleansing help, or does it simply break our messages into too many channels?

Of course, that’s assuming you read only complete thoughts, abandoning life feeds. I can’t do it, and I suspect it’s because I find just as much joy in an incomplete thought as I do a well-thought-out tome.

The real answer is: it doesn’t matter. These are the things you think about when you’ve got nothing left to think about. Sleep calls, and ambition looks it square in the face and says, “No thanks. I think I’ll stay up and over-analyze the nature of language as it relates to Twitter.”

Your response: “Fragmented or complete, I’m putting you to sleep, stupid brain.”

This was lovingly handwritten on September 14th, 2009