Junk drawer

I’m no artist, but odosketch is fun.

The story: I wanted to draw a spatula. Instead, I drew a rubber scraper. So I tried to change it to a spatula for real. Then, I realized I couldn’t draw. So I drew a simple little tile.

Underneath all of that chalk? A bunch of junk. Like a junk drawer. See? That’s art. Hooray art.

(I should also add that local art/design/awesome blog Graphic Content is rocking the odosketch this week. It’s fun, if only to watch the time-lapse reconstruction of real artists coloring interactive pieces of paper.

Show offs.

I should also also add that I’ve been featured on Graphic Content for this very odosketch drawing. NOW WHO’S THE SHOW OFF, EH?)

This was lovingly handwritten on September 29th, 2009