BMOWP by request

I hadn’t written in almost a week. I was busy. And I wasn’t inspired. And life is sooo hard, wah wah wah.

(Blah blah blah, shut up you stupid whiny writer-guy.)

So I opened my big mouth on Twitter. (And, therefore, Facebook.)

“I need seven random ideas. I will be writing a blog post on each one for the week, starting tomorrow. I may or may not stay on topic, though”

And then:

“Not just ideas. Anything. A bowl of soup. Your mom’s middle name. The War of 1812. None of them will end up being about the subject, prob.”

The response: good enough to force me into keeping my word.

I took on the first seven subjects that came to me. It didn’t matter what they were. Then, Friend of BMOWP Abi Jones gave me an additional prompt that I simply couldn’t pass up, so it was bumped up to eight.

This is often called “using your readership for attention.” In my world, it’s called, “opening your big fat mouth and discovering you have to not only write about Hume’s Fork, but also figure out what the hell it is.”

That being said, look for original prompts on the bottom of posts over the next week. I won’t go back on my word. And I won’t stop, despite how stupid I look when talking about neanderthal sex.

Or, maybe I won’t talk about it at all.

Because, seriously – these are prompts. And I’m going to take them and run like hell toward someplace I can comfortably digest.

Welcome to Black Marks on Wood Pulp: By Request.

This was lovingly handwritten on October 30th, 2009