On savoring the quiet times

It’s days like this, where dinner is made over lunchtime and the dishes wait until after the kids go to bed and the things we’d like to do are pushed off as we both spend all of our free time post-bedtime getting ready for the next day, that I wonder about the availability of time.

As in, why isn’t there enough? Should we be living simpler lives? Should we just let things pile up and allow them to fester in the name of kicking back and doing something recreational?

No. We’re doing the right thing. Because even after it’s all done, we still have time to think. And after it’s all done, we have the completion to look back on, to take pride over, to hold us over until the next day, when our life is made easier by the work we put in today.

And no matter what – even if there was nothing to take care of, even if we were absolutely absolved of responsibility, we’d still fritter away our time doing things we might not want to do. Because it’s necessary.

Without it, we’d never long for the quiet times. We’d take them for granted. And we’d live without understanding the peace that comes along with them.

This was lovingly handwritten on November 9th, 2009