Wikitention deficit

Talk about being hard to pin down. Welcome to my mind on Wikipedia.

First, I look up Neanderthals (Homo sapiens neanderthalensis), primarily to make the distinction between Neanderthals and prehistoric Homo sapiens sapiens. I’m instantly distracted by the fact that, despite there have been no definite specimens younger than 30,000 years old, there is evidence of fire by Neanderthals at Gibraltar dating 24,000 years ago.

My first thought: “How do they know the fire was from Neanderthals?” My second thought “OMG CLICK GIBRALTER.”

Gibralter, a British territory best known for the rock of the same name, is self-governed. It is home to the only wild apes in Europe (the Barbary Macaques, which number 230.)

The Rock of Gibraltar itself is famously used by Prudential Financial as their logo.

Prudential Financial holds more than $2 trillion in life insurance, and has received a 100% rating on the Corporate Equality Index (compiled by the Human Rights Campaign) since 2003.

The Corporate Equality Index rates companies on a sale of 0-100 based on the “10 Principles of the Equality Project,” which include provisions designed to help promote equality in the workplace.

The Human Rights Campaign uses that “yellow equals sign on blue background” logo that seems very familiar to me from an “I went to a liberal college” standpoint.

It’s at this point – and it happens every time – that I barely remember how I ended up on this tangent.

Listen, I know this isn’t an incredibly original point. (In fact, I’ve probably posted something about it in the past.) But seriously, it never fails.

From Albert Brooks to Kerry Von Erich.

From Harry Beck to particle acceleration.

Wikipedia lowers my attention span to that of a two-year old. Though, lets face it; sometimes, that’s okay.

After all, it got me out of writing about Neanderthal copulation.

[Prompt: “Neanderthals and prehistoric humans probably had sexual encounters.” – Miles Rausch, who often uses an exclamation point in his name, of which I refuse to comply. Also, he’s prolific on the Web: Of Miles Rausch, The Miles Rausch Family Website, Newsbleep … whatever, too many to count.]

This was lovingly handwritten on November 10th, 2009