To the woman beep-beeping at the grocery store.

To the woman at the grocery store. The one who, along with her two-year old daughter, walked along the aisles, happily and loudly beep-beeping her way through the cereal aisle despite the looks from other customers, as if there was nothing in the world that could stop her from enjoying a moment of spontaneity with a child. One 30-year-old and one toddler, one pushing and one riding in a car-shaped cart, one turning corners and one spinning the steering wheel, absolutely shielded from life’s conventions.

To that woman: Thank you. For reminding me that I’m not overstepping the limits of polite society when I decide to stoop to my daughter’s level and begin making fart noises at the gas station. And especially for giving me a little hope that most parents – despite their public seriousness – are all made more human by the weirdness of a two-year-old’s mind.

This was lovingly handwritten on December 7th, 2009