The similarity of last names

No, I’m not related to any Vilhauers in Aberdeen. I’m not related to any Vilhauers in Mobridge or Winner. I don’t know any Vilhauers in Madison. Or Mitchell. Or Milbank.

Yes, I understand that Vilhauer is an original last name. It’s easy to remember (even if it’s apparently difficult for marketers to spell) and it’s seemingly one of a kind, especially in South Dakota. But that doesn’t mean I’m related to anyone in Woonsocket or Volga or any small town scattered across the great plains.

All of the Vilhauers I know live here in Sioux Falls.

Which means I should probably stop wondering if the woman who works at the nearby Kum and Go is related to the very famous (and very deceased) Deadwood rebel she shares a last name with.

Because no. She’s probably not.

This was lovingly handwritten on December 9th, 2009