Go buy the new Dessa album right now. Seriously.

Yeah, I already posted some YouTube music recently, but it’s rare that a song can drive me to buy an entire album. Instantly. I mean, as instantly as possible, given the album wasn’t for sale until today, and I first saw this video on Sunday, and, you know, it doesn’t really matter. All I’m saying is that those songs are rare.

Dessa‘s “Dixon’s Girl” is one of those songs. Kind-of-I-mean-absolutely-fantastic talent right there, straight out of MPLS and Doomtree.

And if you don’t watch this and immediately buy the album, I have to question your taste.

Don’t take that chance. I SWEAR I’LL DO IT.

(Oh yeah, thanks to Brian Bieber for tipping me off to the video, and, in turn, to the new album.)

This was lovingly handwritten on January 19th, 2010