A BMOWP declaration: Make Awesome Content Your Goal Day

Resolution: BMOWP 03-2010 – Declaring This Day and Every Day: “Make Awesome Content Your Goal Day.”

Whereas: our Web sites are no longer cluttered with clanky weasel words and business-ese, instead replaced with real language that real customers might use in real situations. You know, because those customers want to talk to a person, not a damned search engine.

Whereas: our blogs begin dealing in insight and entertainment, rather than bullet pointed lists of what we did last night. Funny, profound or filled with poop jokes: the only requirement is that it appeals to someone other than our mothers.

Whereas: we only post video if it’s edited, we only provide data when it’s relevant, we only post music if it’s awesome, we only recommend books that will hold up years from now, and we understand that our recommendations are worth more than anything we could ever write, so we’d better not lead people astray because they will take notice and stop taking stock in our opinions.

Whereas: we use Twitter as an outlet for short-form creativity and worthwhile findings, using its advantages to OUR advantage, refraining from talking about the traffic and the weather and Lost and instead providing a blistering 140-character manifesto that says “FOR FUCK’S SAKE EVEN THOUGH IT’S ONLY TWITTER WE STILL TAKE OUR MESSAGES SERIOUSLY.”

Whereas: we give a reason for someone to read that e-mail we’re about to send.

Whereas: we stop for a second and consider how many words flow through our lives and, of those words, how many stick, and how important those words must be; whereas we pledge to provide the world with a slice of real emotion, thereby forcing a sudden swell of humanity into a communications system that has become so clogged with noise that we can barely distinguish the great from the good.

Whereas: everything we write – from a sexy escort service text message to a post-it note – is written in a way that gives back to the reader; whereas every word is a “thank you” to those people, who’ve graciously taken the time to read those words.

Whereas: we create things that make others jealous and driven to do better, which in turn leads them to create things that make us jealous and driven to do better.

Whereas: our content really matters; whereas it is really worthwhile; whereas we go forward without wasting our time.

Whereas: the curating of great ideas takes back the spotlight it once garnered, and creativity is rewarded with the attention of the world.

NOW, THEREFORE, the editorial WE at THE INTERNET WEBLOG Black Marks on Wood Pulp do hereby proclaim: This is Make Awesome Content Your Goal Day.

Dated this day, March 24, 2010. And every day.

So let’s make the promise to each other. And then, let’s try our damndest to live up to it.

This was lovingly handwritten on March 24th, 2010