Five terms that remind me of the awesomeness (and utter stupidity) of professional wrestling

The list:

1. Toryumon
2. Hurricanrana
3. Breaking Kayfabe
4. Tiger Driver ‘91
5. Fire Pro

I used to love this stuff. Would study it like some study roto-league baseball. Was a local expert in the art of Japanese wrestling, technical submissions and the WWF Intercontinental belt. Could not be swayed from thinking Dean Malenko was under-appreciated and deserved a better push.

Sometimes, I miss it – not for the pomp and storylines as much as for the technical and behind-the-scenes aspects of it all: the classification of terms, the organization of skills, the characters fitting together and moving around like party members in a game of Final Fantasy.

Other times, I take a look at that sentence I just wrote and realize how big of a dork I really am.

This was lovingly handwritten on April 6th, 2010