A few reasons our wedding would never have made the “Weddings and Celebrations” section of the Sunday New York Times.

  • My father is not the retired director of the Princeton University Press.
  • I am not a 30-year-old senior vice president of investment solicitation for C. P. Eaton Partners.
  • We were not a well-positioned homosexual couple, the likes of which would make for a perfect misrepresentation of the frequency of homosexual marriages in New York State.
  • Kerrie is not an architect, ballet dancer nor a bond analyst from India.
  • Our family did not grow up in an affluent town filled with old money, like Old Greenwich, Conn., or Gig Harbor, Washington.
  • No one in our family has worked for Sports Illustrated.
  • We are not rich.

Go ahead. We dare you to find an ordinary wedding in the NYT Weddings section. Every single one of them has something extraordinary about it.

I guess that’s the idea. But it sure serves up an unrealistic view of the populace as a whole.

This was lovingly handwritten on July 25th, 2010