Mastering the cycle of inspiration

Yesterday, my inspiration level was at zero. Today, I have five blog posts to write.

Such is the process that goes on in our minds: creative momentum, fueled by the peaks, stalled by the valleys.

It isn’t enough to wait it out. Waiting out creative momentum as it’s floundering at the bottom of a hill is to do it a disservice; to assume that things will pick up again, that all you need to do is wait.

It still takes work. But it also takes patience.

As I move from project to project, I believe more in the idea that mastery of creative momentum is one of the most important things a creative-minded person can learn.

Whether you’re designing Web sites or writing novels or cooking or reading or whatever, if you can give your mind the push that gets it going back up the peak toward maximum inspiration, and if you can recognize the moment when you’re at your best and take advantage of your brain’s open channel ways, you will be both more productive and better at ease.

It’s a cycle. And while controlling the cycle is impossible, recognizing its benefits is crucial.

This was lovingly handwritten on August 29th, 2010