A quick thought on patience

There are times when I lie on the floor and grit my teeth as the kids crawl all over me, their knees and fingernails digging into my back, their laughing so uncontrollable that I get drool in my eye. And there are times when I read and read and read books until I can’t stand it anymore, until I’d just as soon smack little Ladybug Girl for being so precocious and hide Knuffle Bunny in the garbage forever.

And then, I’ll walk onto the next room, or I’ll crawl into bed, and Kerrie will be there, and she’ll say, “You’re a good Daddy.”

And I’ll stop and realize how lucky I am. How lucky any of us are.

Because there are times when they ask of the world for me. But there’s never a time when I wouldn’t give it to them.

How’s THAT for sappy? I think I need another brewery tour.

This was lovingly handwritten on October 1st, 2010