The Promise Ring, “Why Did We Ever Meet?/Forget Me/Red and Blue Jeans” – 10.27.99

This is what dorky sounds like.

Oh, god, I mean, seriously, it’s also what college emo angst sounds like, all lispy and emotional and barely able to sing as well as you did in that one good take – the only one people remember because it’s the only one that’s on the record – and let’s all just go get a cup of coffee and compare our rare vinyl collections, already.

All of those bobbing heads in the audience? They were all fighting to stay still, staring at their shoes like they were taught to at those old Fugazi concerts, but shit – they couldn’t, could they?

They couldn’t stand still. They couldn’t help but to move to this barely-in-tune and OMG SO DORKY band.

That’s why The Promise Ring was fantastic. Because they brought happiness back to a legion of ex-Sunny Day Real Estate fans.

They brought dorky back, too. And there was much rejoicing.

This was lovingly handwritten on November 21st, 2010