This post is not intended for distribution, so STOP LOOKING AT IT.

Go ahead. Go to this site: Senior Healthcare Consultants. Notice the line at the bottom of every page.

“This site is not intended for distribution to any client.”

Snicker. Laugh out loud, if you want; let loose with a rolling guffaw, friends, because that line may be the funniest thing you’ll read all week.

Then, look away. Quickly. NOW.

Because, damn it, that site IS NOT INTENDED FOR DISTRIBUTION TO ANY CLIENT. And you KNOW that means it SURE ISN’T INTENDED FOR YOU, you plebe. This is Very Important Information. This is a Web site that doesn’t just tell secrets: it changes lives. It teaches you the way of the Jedi Consultant. It leads to riches beyond your control. Beyond your DREAMS, EVEN.

Forget everything you just saw.

Because, thankfully, the Web isn’t a completely open and public medium, allowing anyone with a browser and a search term to stumble upon this site, which is not protected in any way, and which, while overwritten and filled with weasel-word jargon, is very much out in the open for everyone to see.

Even their clients.

Just know this. THIS site, by virtue of that adorable little line, IS NOT INTENDED FOR DISTRIBUTION. So stop acting like it was distributed to you.

That’s not what it was intended for. Obviously.

This was lovingly handwritten on January 7th, 2011