Web-based driveway moments

Let’s make this quick.

You know those times when you’re driving and listening to something SO GOOD that, when you arrive home, you pull up into the driveway and sit there. Waiting for it to finish. Waiting. Listening. Enjoying.

That’s called a “Driveway Moment.” NPR may have created the term, but even if they haven’t the term has become theirs, signifying a story or program that is so riveting it can’t be turned off.

We need more of them.

Specifically, we need them on our websites. And, ultimately, isn’t that what we as content strategists are asked to do? To create narratives and stories and communication that people can’t rip themselves away from?

Think of THAT the next time you’re presented with a mile of weasel words. Make them better. Write something worthwhile and readable and awesome. Create some driveway moments.

This was lovingly handwritten on January 31st, 2011