Where’s My Jetpack goes on hiatus. Damn it.

I don’t really read marketing and advertising blogs anymore because I don’t really like marketing and advertising blogs. They are filled with banal “commentary,” synergistically leveraging a choice brand package of marketing buzzwords, or they just suck. It’s the advertising industry, and NATURALLY most commentary-based advertising blogs are built to either secure jobs or promote agencies. Or both.

So when one of the good ones decides to close up shop, well, I mean, that sucks.

From Where’s My Jetpack, “Post Number 2000:”

I’ve tried to make this blog more about quality than quantity. It has been for me, above all, a creative outlet, because we all know how hard it is to actually be creative, even in a supposedly creative industry. (As I tell every “creative,” keep a real creative passion on the side just to keep you sane, because you will never fully satisfy your need to create through your work.)

And with that, I’m putting this blog on indefinite hiatus.

I love Dave’s blog because I love it when people call advertising’s bluff. I love it EVEN MORE when that bluff-calling is both accurate and confident. It’s rare to find someone that’s part of the industry without being tied to it and seeking justification for some of advertising’s biggest problems.

Where’s My Jetpack is/was a smarter marketing/advertising blog than most, and he’s a smarter marketing/advertising guy than most I’ve ever met. That he isn’t getting job offers by the boatload proves a lot about how I feel about the advertising complex: namely, that it still doesn’t understand what it’s looking for. The notion of being safe rules the industry. Where’s My Jetpack is/was a beacon in that sea of safeness.

Good luck, Jetpacks. May you return to my RSS sooner than later.

This was lovingly handwritten on February 4th, 2011