The day we didn’t show up for the movie

It wasn’t that we didn’t show up for the movie. That wasn’t too big of a deal – after all, Sierra went with her preschool class. Her friends were there. Her teachers. We were incidental, invited on the side but not integral to the event.

To be honest, Sierra didn’t even know we had told her teacher we’d be there. Which means Sierra never had a chance to know we had forgotten about the movie altogether. A movie we had signed up to participate in over a month ago. A movie neither of us remembered to put on our calendar.

So we never showed up. But, it wasn’t that we didn’t show up for the movie.

It was that all of the OTHER parents DID. And Sierra wished we’d have as well.

She had fun. She enjoyed the movie. She couldn’t stop talking about getting to sit by her friend. But she also reminded us that she was sad we weren’t there.

Kerrie took her to lunch. I rushed over to sit with them. I apologized. I couldn’t believe it. I’d become one of those parents who forget their kids.

“Are you okay, Sierra?”

She’s okay. She had forgotten about it around the time her pizza arrived.

Me? I’m still trying.

This was lovingly handwritten on February 23rd, 2011