Beef freezer

Today, Kerrie made a list of food in our freezer. She did this because we just purchased a third of a cow, and we need to remember what we have in there. YES, I SAID A THIRD OF A COW.

The list:

Beef roast (2)
Sirloin steak
Beef stew (2)
Ribeye steak
Beef ribs
T-bone steak
Ground beef (14 lbs.)
Whole chicken (2)
Fake bacon (2)
Spicy black bean (3)
Garden veggie (2)
Meat crumble
Ham hock
Lasagna (3)
Cubed ham

And to think: we used to be vegetarian.

In other news, Kerrie now has an extra reason to collect frozen food. She has her own blog: Serves Four.

I think it’s pretty great, so go bookmark it or RSS it or whatever you people do to save cool web blogs.

This was lovingly handwritten on February 24th, 2011