Improvement by proximity

I’m a few weeks behind the pack, but I finally listened to that new Merlin Mann/Dan Benjamin joint, “Back to Work.” And, within 10 minutes, I get this:

You know, you sit around and you go, “Oh, I hope people like me and I hope they friend me and I hope they do all of this superficial stuff that doesn’t cost anything.” But what you really want is to, like, not suck enough that people you really admire wouldn’t mind doing something with you.

Because that’s the thing. The whole thing is getting to where … you know, just getting the opportunity to have yourself and your work improved by proximity to people who are better at what you do. That’s what it’s about.

Oh, god. It’s like this Merlin guy GETS ME, you know? I mean, YES, and, OF COURSE, and, EXACTLY.

Back to Work: Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin

This was lovingly handwritten on March 21st, 2011