Anything you want, we’ve got it

On Friday night, Kerrie and I talked about how great it would be to have a service that compiled your recipes, instinctively reading and separating the ingredients and organizing them through some tagging structure. Because as fantastic as Epicurious is, it’s limited to its recipe box, and we have a lot of recipes that aren’t in that box.

“That would be great,” we said. “I can’t wait for someone to figure that out,” we said.

Today during her presentation at Confab, Mandy Brown of Typekit/A Book Apart mentioned, offhandedly, that she would love – and would totally pay for – a Pinboard-like service for recipes. Like whoa, I was just talking about that, and, like whoa, I am thrilled someone else is looking for that type of service. Like whoa.

And then I ran into Daniel Eizans, and mentioned how funny it was that the “recipe compiling service need” was brought up, because, OMG LIKE ME TOO, and Daniel says, “OH HAI YOU MEAN LIKE THIS?”

Like this = Pepperplate.

And yes. I do mean like this.

The Internet, you guys. You say “I wish this was a thing” and it responds by saying “Dude, it already is.”

This was lovingly handwritten on May 9th, 2011