Editing, right before your eyes

So I read this six paragraph review from Kill Screen on Infinity Blade, and it was good, and I liked it, and I thought “what an interesting way to position an iOS game,” and then I clicked the button: Begin Bloodline 2.

And then, I gasped.

Because here it is. The power and the potential of online content, pulling you in, tweaking your imagination. Changing. Right there. Changing as you watch.

Even more than the tech mumbo jumbo, though: this is the first time I’ve seen an article tackle the most important part of the writing process: the process ITSELF. Much as the game provides an opportunity to grow and learn from your mistakes, the article slowly grows through revisions, insight and experience, becoming more refined RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU AS YOU WATCH.

That’s pretty great, you guys. Pretty f’n great.

This was lovingly handwritten on June 17th, 2011