Two conversations

If there’s any question as to why blog output as dropped over the past several months, let’s just assume that the sudden uptick in questions and declarations from our 4YO and 2YO can be of some blame.

SIERRA: Who takes care of all of the babies?
KERRIE: When a baby is born, that baby’s parents take care of it.
SIERRA: But who takes care of ALL of the babies?
COREY: Do you mean who takes care of EACH baby? The baby’s mommy and daddy.
SIERRA: But what about when everyone was a baby?
US: …
SIERRA: Who took care of YOU?
KERRIE: When I was a baby, Grandma Cici took care of me.
SIERRA: But who took care of Grandma Cici?
KERRIE: Great Grandma took care of Grandma Cici.
SIERRA: But who took care of Great Grandma?
KERRIE: HER mother took care of her.
SIERRA: Maybe God took care of all of the babies. But then when he turned around all of the babies crawled away. *laughs* THAT’S SO HILARIOUS.


What a bunch of nerds we’re raising.

This was lovingly handwritten on November 22nd, 2011