The Impossibles, “Enter/Return” – 6.1.2002

For one summer, The Impossibles’ Return was my return to punk rock. As much of a return as I could claim, I suppose – I was never more than an EpiFat punk rocker to begin with.

It was a huge part of my soundtrack over the summer of 2000, which means it was part of my soundtrack in England that year, and it was a huge part of my soundtrack while working my first “management” job as Assistant Assistant Manager of the Sioux Falls Software Etc.

It’s still one of my favorite albums, and it’s funny how it never should have even registered with me. The Impossibles were a ska-punk band. They were like MU330 and Skankin’ Pickle – better, yes, but still all upbeat strumming and jumping around the stage. I had long since phased out of ska, and took a new Impossibles album to be Yet Another Ska Album.

But it wasn’t. It was fantastic. It was future punk. It sounded like what a new Weezer album might sound like at the time (this was before the Green Album) and people would ask at Software Etc., “Is this a new Weezer album?”

It was fantastic. They took a huge chance, updated their sound, and wrote a very fun album.

It turns out, The Impossibles best album would be their last. Fans didn’t like the change, didn’t like the lack of ska, didn’t like the fact that their favorite band could evolve, didn’t like the idea that they may have to stop pulling for the past and evolve on their own.

Disappointed with the lack of reaction, The Impossibles broke up. They figured they had something better to do. Something that might be appreciated. Maybe one, maybe both.

Good for them.

This was lovingly handwritten on December 1st, 2011