Dancing on the ceiling

Last night Kerrie and I went to a short seminar on Getting Your Child To Sleep, put on by Sierra’s preschool, and we sat at tables and listened to a woman talk about why children don’t want to go to sleep, and we fidgeted and played with our phones because it turns out the information didn’t apply to us, and then the woman put in a video of a 1980s-era episode of 20/20 about solving sleep issues, which featured a family that had issues getting their son to sleep through the night despite their routine of rocking him WHILE LISTENING EXCLUSIVELY TO LIONEL RICHIE ALBUMS every single evening, and we all laughed and thought that was WONDERFUL because, honestly, who could sleep with that kind of party going on?

And now I can’t find a video clip as evidence.

And I’m afraid it was all a dream.

Please don’t let this be a dream. Please let the Lionel Richie family be real.


This was lovingly handwritten on January 6th, 2012