You can’t save them all

There’s the new deli place, and there’s the place that’s delicious but no one remembers to go there, and there’s that Indian restaurant that you’re still scared won’t make it, and there’s a few places you’ve never even seen. Those new places sell pot pies and german baked goods, both of which sound delicious. There’s the pizza place with the floppy pizza and horrible service.

How can so many restaurants exist in such a small space? You want them all to succeed. It’s an impossible paradox – you go the places you love, but by doing so you never give the new places a chance; or, you go to the new places and neglect your old stand-bys.

If you’re lucky, the choices are made for you. The pot pies aren’t as great as advertised. The owner of the pizza place beat his wife. The Indian restaurant is too far away.

You do two things. You eat out every day. Or you promote the hell out of the restaurants you love and hope others will eat out every day.

You can like lots of things, but you can’t like them all at the same time. You have to let something go. You can’t save them all.

This was lovingly handwritten on February 7th, 2012