I’m beginning to think she doesn’t even really CARE about basketball jersey rules

SCENE: SIERRA and COREY watch basketball, just after SIERRA has woken up from a nap.

SIERRA: “What are the names of these teams, daddy?”
COREY: “These are the Knicks and the Mavericks.”
SIERRA: “Which team has the giant basketball, daddy?”
COREY: “That’s the Knicks. The Knicks have a giant basketball logo.”
SIERRA: “Oh, I LOVE the Knicks, daddy.”
COREY: “Daddy doesn’t like the Knicks. The Knicks sometimes beat daddy’s favorite team.”
SIERRA: “Don’t you like the white clothes teams?”
COREY: “Well, you see, I sometimes like the white clothes teams. The teams that wear white are the teams that are playing at home. Like, when the Sioux Falls Skyforce play at home, they wear white jerseys. Today, the Knicks played in New York, so they wore white. So I like the white teams sometimes, when the Celtics play at home. And sometimes I like the green team, when the Celtics are playing somewhere else.”
SIERRA: “Look at my giraffe.”

This was lovingly handwritten on February 19th, 2012