Star Wars, Pop Up Video style

I don’t know when I became a Star Wars nerd. Truth is, this was never supposed to happen. I saw the films in their entirety for the FIRST TIME in the theater as they were re-released in the late 90s. Until then, I was THAT guy. The Never-Saw-StarWars Guy.

Now, it’s different. I’m into them, and my kids are into them. But while they’re into the stories and the characters – Sierra, bless her soul, loves those damned Ewoks – I’m more interested in the story behind the story. The slow march from original trilogy to remastered trilogy to expanded trilogy to “Nooooooooooooo!”

Enter: Star Wars Begins.

Jamie Benning’s Star Wars Begins is a “filmumentary,” essentially, a Pop Up Video for the first Star Wars film. It was created a few years back – so before the recent Blu-Ray additions – and is a wonderful look at the story behind the making of and changes to the original film.

Turns out, this was the third filmumentary Jamie created. He began with The Empire Strikes Back in Building Empire, and moved forward to Return of the Jedi in Returning to Jedi.

Deleted scenes. Alternate takes. Bloopers. Commentary. Audio cues. Backstory. It’s all there. It’s all wonderful.

These were posted on YouTube last year, but were taken down for some reason. I’m linking to the Vimeo versions for posterity’s sake: I don’t want to lose these again.

Note: He’s begun his second trilogy by tackling Raiders of the Lost Ark (Raiding the Lost Ark).

This was lovingly handwritten on April 26th, 2012