Beer I’ve Been Drinking

Over the past month, I’ve started a side project with help from the local Argus Leader called Beer I’ve Been Drinking, a more alcoholic version of the old book articles I used to write on this site. Back when I used to read books. Back when I used to read anything, really.

An excerpt from my most recent article about Autumn Brew Review:

Surly Brewing’s line is a two-headed snake, one serving a combination of standard drafts and old favorites, while the other releases special offerings every hour. I skipped their lines the first few times I walked by because I don’t hate myself enough to spend a half hour staring at the back of some guy’s Schell’s hat, but since I now realize I might miss out on the always popular fresh-hopped Surly Wet, I take a chance.

The line’s running smooth. It’s fast. I got some Wet (it is wonderful) and now find myself in the second line, where I finally get to try Surly’s yearly numerical-themed big beer, SŸX. SŸX is also wonderful, except now I’m saying “wonderful” like someone might offhandedly say “sure” to a new car or a million dollars. Syx is beyond wonderful. It’s complex, tart and delicious.

At the Great Lakes booth, I sample the Rye of the Tiger – a rye beer that’s classy and fresh. I love it. It’s getting hot, and I’m impatient. I want to try something they’re tapping at 2:00, so I jokingly ask the guy behind the booth if he could tap it a bit early. He reminds me that the festival’s only been going for 50 minutes.

I realize what this means. I go look for some food.

Between that and a recent design refresh and addition of media queries to make this site look much better on mobile devices, the word flow has been quieted. That will change.

Until then, read about beer. I like to drink it, but I like to write about it even more. For now.

This was lovingly handwritten on September 20th, 2012