Writing is not inexhaustible

Writing is not inexhaustible, just as any creative skill is not inexhaustible. We can run out of words. This is a writer’s way of knowing that it’s time to stop – that nothing else is going to come of this, and that the cup of hot tea is more important than pushing the issue.

Looks like I’ve run out over the past few months.

Yet, there’s nothing that warns us about this. Call it fatigue – the fatigue that comes from writing for work and writing a column and writing about an industry – or call it blind fear – the fear that comes from making deadlines about very large projects. It’s bound to happen.

The words stop.

It’s a battle to make them start again. But they have to start somewhere.

I know. This writing about writing schtick gets tired, but it’s also how some people break out of the doldrums. When every possible post looks like an unscalable wall, the only thing that breaks through writer’s block is talking about writer’s block.

So forgive me for this writer’s block. If you’re still around, your patience will be rewarded – even if only a little bit at a time.

This was lovingly handwritten on February 19th, 2013