I Guess It’s a New Year

The ball has dropped and nothing has changed.

I still love how my children challenge my every word. I’m still amazed in the friends I’ve made through my industry. I still wonder why Kerrie puts up with my crap and cherish her for it. I still want to be better, still want to fight for the future, still want to protect my kids from everything, still struggle against that protection so my kids can make up their own mind.

The ball has dropped. It’s a new year. I just learned to add “2013” to my files, but then again I just learned – for what feels like the millionth time – that the year means nothing. That we’re all tied to our own timelines, and that if we don’t move accordingly we forget that resolutions are worthless.

The ball has dropped? I guess I should write something. Or, I should just keep being aware.

This was lovingly handwritten on January 1st, 2014