A Quick Coffee Break: Featured on Write Now with Sarah Werner

I don’t talk about writing as much as I used to, but that didn’t stop me from being featured on an episode of Write Now this past week.

Topics include how I got my start in writing, what methods and practices I employ (and usually break) and, weirdly, only one mention of professional wrestling.

A billion thanks to my friend Sarah Werner, who thought it would be a good idea to talk to me about writing even though I don’t do it anymore, and a thousand thanks to everyone else who has been patiently waiting for something new from this area. It’ll get there, I promise.

In the meantime, listen below.

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This week on Coffee Break, I talk with user experience architect and fellow content strategist Corey Vilhauer. Like most good online writers, Corey understands the rules of language and when to break them.

Whether it’s writing an in-depth article or streamlining a website, this is the kind of fast and dirty writing that puts food on many writer’s tables. That isn’t to say copywriting and content strategy don’t require as much creativity (if not more) as novel writing.

“The thought that has to go into putting structure around the publication…it’s really important. Can you write an article that can be summed up in 55 words?”

Technical writing helps many writers find a voice and teaches skills you just can’t learn in school. But, as Corey puts it, sometimes it feels like we’re only “pretending to be writers.” But whether it’s writing for an audience or optimizing content for a bot, we are all writers and we all share a love of literature.

“I really do believe that most of my good writing is stuff that I let go for about a week and came back to and had the energy to start over again.”

This was lovingly handwritten on December 6th, 2017