A Back-to-School Playlist Without a Blog Post

Did you know that, as summer winds to a close, everyone scatters into a kind of chaos? School starts and children are thrown back into structure. Vacations are frantically wrapped up. Gardens overgrow. Project timelines narrow. The winds pick up and were thrown asunder.

August 2019: A Back-to-School Playlist Without a Blog Post

  • “Possession” — Rainer Maria
  • “Sketch Artist” — Kim Gordon
  • “Big Bang” — Sean Anonymous & Dimitry Killstorm (f/ P.O.S. & Lizzo)
  • “Everybody Wants to be Famous (Polo & Pan Remix)” — Superorganism
  • “Tomorrow Never Knows” — Meat Puppets (f/ Alison Scott)
  • “New Orleans” — Silver Jews
  • “I Can See the Pines are Dancing” — A.A. Bondy
  • “Born Secular” — Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins
  • “Portland Oregon” — Loretta Lynn (f/Jack White)
  • “Memory” — Toby Fox
  • “Nothing Is Safe” — clipping.
  • “Into You Like a Train” — The Psychedelic Furs
  • “In Your Head” — Nilüfer Yanya
  • “Prom” — SZA
  • “Feel the Vibe” — BJ the Chicago Kid (f/Anderson .Paak)
  • “Major Tom (Coming Home)” — Peter Schilling
  • “Snowblind” — Jason Molina

Did you also know that with this comes a host of new beginnings? While summer always presents itself as an open freedom and spring is the season of growth, I’ve always felt refreshed in the fall. (It’s not fall yet, I know. Just, you know. Let me have this.)

In the midwest, fall is refreshing. It’s an open window to summer’s heat-indexed leather car seats. Trees are all Marie Kondo up in their branches, throwing off any extra leaves in an effort to clean up a bit, and people start doing the same with their porches and decks. We get to finally allow ourselves some time inside; with the warm times wrapping up, we pray for a little rain or a little chill so we can binge-watch the new Good Eats.

No one really likes to read about how busy someone else is, so I’ll spare you that. I will tell you how much I love these months — I’m an October baby, so I need that chill air. I need those mf’ing gourds. Give me those excuses to overindulge on Lutheran crisps and casseroles.

Counts the number of words so far…

Ah. That should be good.

Writing is hard. Sometimes you just want to wax poetic on the new season. Sometimes you look out the front window for inspiration and start writing about trees that watch television shows about organizing.

But sometimes, you just need to write enough words to cover the height of the sidebar. Enjoy this late mixtape.

This was lovingly handwritten on August 28th, 2019