A Short List of Halloween Costumes

It’s Halloween, and I don’t care much about Halloween. I do, however, enjoy making mixtapes on Spotify to post for you on the internet, and I also have senioritis with writing because most of my chapters for Web Project Guide are wrapped up.

October 2019: A Short List of Halloween Costumes

  • “Get Old Forever” — Jeff Rosenstock
  • “Delicate Cycle” — The Uncluded
  • “No More Words” — Pete Rock & InI
  • “Turn the Light” — Karen O & Danger Mouse
  • “I Wish I Was Stephen Malkmus” — beabadoobee
  • “Punks in the Beerlight” — Silver Jews
  • “Human” — dodie (f/ Tom Walker)
  • “S.W.Y.M.” — Xiuhtezcatl
  • “I Feel for You (Acoustic Demo)” — Prince
  • “Forgotten Eyes” — Big Thief
  • “How to Boil an Egg” — Courtney Barnett
  • “Prior Things” — Hop Along
  • “Soul Flower (Remix)” — The Pharcyde
  • “Violent Reaction” — Refused
  • “Talisa” — Daniele Luppi & Parquet Courts (f/ Karen O)
  • “Romance” — WILD FLAG
  • “Equation” — Hans Zimmer (f/ Camille)

So I’m making you this mixtape.

But, I have to write enough content so the sidebar doesn’t look weird. So here’s a list of some past Halloween costumes that I’ve worn.

Halloween Costumes that Corey Has Worn

  1. Once I was a vampire.
  2. Once I was a hobo. This involved me having a plastic cigar that I brought to school, which I realize now wouldn’t fly.
  3. Once I was Indiana Jones. This was as an adult, and it was the only costume I could figure out on short notice. I happened to have a leather jacket, and I had to borrow someone’s black whip. I don’t know what that whip was for, or whose it was, but I now suspect it was for something kinkier than Indiana Jones cosplay.
  4. Once I was an alien.
  5. Once I was a Care Bear. I think. (It turns out I don’t remember many of my Halloween costumes, but I feel like I saw this in an old picture once?)
  6. I now remember that I have been Indiana Jones twice, because I am uncreative when it comes to Halloween parties. I did not have the whip the second time.
  7. Once I was a tourist.

This last one was troublesome, because 1) it was very cold that Halloween, and my costume (which involved a ski sweater, a camera around my neck, and sunglasses) was not helped by a coat and a stocking cap, which just made me look like … a kid in a stocking cap with a camera around his neck. This was compounded by 2) this was fifth grade, and I was a tall kid, so not only did I look like I didn’t have a costume, but I also looked like I was too old to trick or treat.

I don’t remember a lot about trick or treating as a kid, but I VERY MUCH remember the woman who asked what I was (“I’M A TOURIST”) and her admonishment that I was probably too old to trick to treat without a costume.

That next year, I didn’t trick or treat anymore.

Hm… I think I’m maybe unlocking why I don’t care much about Halloween.

Anyway, enjoy the last-minute mixtape. See you in November.

This was lovingly handwritten on October 31st, 2019