Black Marks on Wood Pulp wins South Dakota Socies Award, Crowd Sorta Rejoices.

Welcome, new visitors!

You – like millions of others – are stopping by because you heard about my South Dakota Socies win in the Argus Leader. We’re glad to have you. Take a look around, check out the archives, have some soup, and MORE!

What are the Socies? I’m fantastically glad you asked, new friend.

The Socies are an award given to the most practiced of social media users, presented by the handsome men at Click Rain, with help from our local paper. And while I usually bristle at awards (I know for certain that Black Marks on Wood Pulp is hardly the best blog in the state and it’s difficult to make judgment based on a small sample size of personal taste) I showed up to claim my award with pride. Because I’m not ALWAYS a curmudgeon, regardless of what my coworkers, friends, wife, kids, mother, personal trainer, mother-in-law, etc. say.

I got a medal. And a t-shirt. And some beer things! A lot of beer things. (The message is loud and clear, guys. I’VE STOPPED DRINKING BEER FOR BREAKFAST. But not for lunch.)

So check it all out!

Oh. By the way. If you’re coming from the Argus, disregard the series of five blog posts where I call the Argus a lame excuse for a newspaper. That was a bad couple of days. I must have been pretty crabby.

Oh, and there’s that one where I got cranky about their article pagination. Or the one where I got upset about a word they made up. Also, disregard the time when I called the lead Web guy on the carpet (Cory Myers, a very cool person who I have since met and actually like) for mangling my tweet.

Huh. Are you guys sure the Argus had a hand in these awards? I can’t imagine they’d hand it over to a punk like … hey … wait. Don’t leave.

This was lovingly handwritten on January 20th, 2011